The Best Beach Clubs In Mallorca

The Best Beach Clubs In Mallorca

As far as beach clubs go, you are not going to find many better venues than Mallorca/Majorca. The island offers a premium but affordable range of various beach clubs that attract tourists from all over the globe. Whether that’s in Magaluf, Palma de Malloca or any of the other great places in Majorca, quality in beach clubs’ oozes around here. 

We are going to show you why Mallorca is home to some of the best beach clubs around and guide you towards the best ones to visit, so you can maximise your time there. If great pools and spas are what you are searching for then we have many on this list that suit that. Or, if you fancy a place with exceptional food and drinks, then we aren’t short of them either. Whatever you are after, Mallorca will have it, go see for yourself.

Primarily, when you are after a great beach club you need great weather to go alongside it. Thankfully, Mallorca is home to some excellent and reliable weather, particularly in the summer, so there’s no need to be concerned about that. Not being overly hot either makes it the ideal venue to check out some beach clubs. Find the right beach club that suits you and take the breakaway to Mallorca that you deserve.

Oceans Beach Club

VIP oceans beach club

Oceans Beach Club has been voted as the best beach club in Magaluf. This is some achievement when you consider that there are so many other top-quality beach clubs in Magaluf as well. It prides itself on this achievement because of the daily pool parties that have worldwide fame. Examples of the best pool parties are the classic 90’s rewind pool party and the famous signature pool party XO.

Well-known celebrities and reality stars are often down at the Oceans Beach Club and we can certainly see why. Available to book are VIP booths where you can relax with a hand-crafted cocktail. This combined with the excellent guest DJs that are working makes it a luxury beach club to have the best time at.

If you just want to visit Oceans Beach Club for food and drinks that is perfectly fine, or if you are travelling in a stag/hen do group, then we recommend that you book one of the VIP packages, which will give you the ultimate day out.

Right beside the club is the gorgeous seafront with a glorious view of the Mediterranean Sea. At the Oceans Beach Club, you will be invited to a panoramic view of the beachfront. This is truly a sight to behold.

Purobeach Palma

Purobeach Palma

In contrast to the Oceans Beach Club, the Purobeach Palma is the ultimate relaxation spot for the best part of the day. There are still events that enable you to party, therefore, the versatility this place offers are second to none. You certainly feel like you are in a palace when you enter the Purobeach Palma because it is made up of finely varnished white materials that make the place look stunning. This place isn’t exactly remote either because it is just outside the centre of Palma.

At the Purobeach Palma, they specialise in the best sunbathing and creating the highest quality cocktails for you to devour. These are always cold and are hand-made by the professional bartender, perfect for sipping beside the pool. In addition, there are several spa treatments on offer at this beach club. For instance, the seawave scrub and massage is one of the most popular ones that we rate highly.

Assaona Gastrobeach Club

Assaona Gastrobeach Club

The Assaona Gastrobeach Club is an absolute gem, located in the centre of Palma de Mallorca. If you are looking for supreme relaxation, then look no further than this place because there is an abundance of beauty and luxuriousness attached to Assaona Gastrobeach Club.

The vibes here will take you to another world that will destress and calm you for the entirety of your stay here. Softening music in the beautiful Mallorcan heat is what makes the club so special. Also, there is a great authentic feel at the Assaona Gastrobeach Club due to the adobe-style crafted walls, natural woods and Mallorcan feels. The selection and quality of food and drink on offer here is second to none and cannot be faulted. An array of seafood cooked to perfection makes the mealtimes something to look forward to.

With golden sand surrounding the club and views all around, really catching the eye, we highly recommend that you visit the Assaona Gastrobeach. Ultimately, you’ll be welcomed to one of the best beach experiences around and the interior will make you never want to leave.

Anima Beach

Anima Beach

Amina Beach has a seriously good hotspot for a view of the beach. It sits directly on Palma’s boardwalk. From the Amina Beach, you can feast your eyes upon a nice combination of both the ocean and the city of Palma de Mallorca.

This is one of the best spots to eat out of all the places around. There is a high-class menu, covering a range of local dishes. The cocktail selection is applaudable as well as they are handmade and always created with passion and quality. In terms of presentation, you won’t be disappointed either because every dish that is created is made to the highest standards. This is why the Anima beach is such a renowned name in Mallorca. It is a great escape from the city, but not too far away if you are staying there, so a lunch out may be ideal for you. Guests can also be accommodated in the winter, so the Anima Beach club offers all-year-round accessibility.

Purobeach Illetas

Purobeach Illetas

Purobeach Illetas is a modern but busy beach club that has already made a name for itself in Mallorca. There is a huge area for dining and eating, with large tables and comfortable seating, making it a really pleasant venue. Also, there is an opportunity to get in the shade if you feel like the heat of the Mediterranean sun is too much. You will be impressed by the surroundings of the Purobeach Illetas as the building has been crafted with style, while the views compliment it as well.

There is an extensive menu on offer, giving you a wide selection of native dishes that enable you to embrace the Mallorcan ambience. Like many of the beach clubs in Mallorca, there is a decent selection of wine including, red, white and rose. Also, a beach club isn’t the same without some excellent cocktails and luckily for you, the Purobeach specialises in them.

Gran Folies Beach Club

Gran Folies Beach Club

Located on the west of Mallorca, Gran Folies in Andratx is a premium full-service beach club that tends to attract all types of groups of people. The club is directly facing the beach and there is a top range of activities on offer here.

There are pretty much always good vibes here, with it being a vibrant place, expect to have a fun day out and enjoy yourself. Though it may be a bit less formal than some of the other beach clubs that we have listed here, however, it is the sort of place where you can truly relax and enjoy the views. Drink whatever and how much you want and don’t feel pressured into what to wear.

Gran Folies is open to all sorts of people and that’s what makes it so special and popular. The food selection available here is also impressive and the customer service has been praised highly. Whether you are willing to try some native dishes or fancy something a bit more familiar, Gran Folies will have you covered. It is the ultimate escape location and is perfect if you want an all-round great experience in Mallorca.

UM Beach House

UM Beach House

This beach house is a stylish and appeasing spectacle that has recently had some refurbishments done on it, making it look better than ever. There is a laid back and casual tone about the place. There are several comfortable sofas scattered around the place. Alongside that, there is a swimming pool that is always clean and large terrace as well.

In almost every window there is a stunning sea view that cannot be faulted. In addition, sunbeds can be found pretty much everywhere, allowing you to pick your spot to relax in. The food has been given some exceptional ratings here and the place has been labelled as one of the best beach clubs around.

Ultimately, UM Beach House has a range of facilities on offer and will accommodate whatever it is that you desire to do. But we recommend highly that you have at least one meal here as the reviews of this place are exceptionally high and the friendliness of the staff has been applauded as well.

Nikki Beach Mallorca

Located at the end of Magaluf beach, and only a 25 minute drive from Palma de Mallorca, the Nikki Beach brand considered one of the best day party venues in the world. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two, a party with your best friends, a landmark celebration or a full-on corporate event, Nikki Beach has the most professional and enthusiastic events team and the most talented chefs at the ready to whip up a glorious event to remember topped off with world-class service.

Easily the most expensive of all beach clubs on this list, Nikki Beach like to pride themselves on high-quality food and drinks in an elaborate setting. Their champagne spray parties and red parties are well known all across the globe, making this place a great beach club to visit if the super extravagant lifestyle is your type of vibe.

Nikki Beach Mallorca is located next door to the Meila South Beach Hotel in Magaluf and is open seasonally from April to early October.

Mhares Sea Club

An oasis created by Mallorcans for those who love Mallorca, Mhares Sea Club is home to the Sea Club with the islands most spectacular seaside pool, Tamarell, a restaurant serving locally sourced modern Mallorcan cuisine, Bauxa an unbeatable clifftop Chillout zone and a world-famous sunset.

Their restaurant, Tamarell, is where modern Mallorcan cuisine meets spectacular Mediterranean views. They have created Mallorca’s most exciting dining experience, a place to enjoy innovative cuisine created using locally sourced produce all accompanied by the magnificent ambience and Mallorca’s most spectacular settings.

Mhares Beach Club is only around a 10 minute drive from Palma airport and its stunning located easily makes it one of the best beach clubs in Mallorca.

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