Great Places To Visit In Mallorca 2020

Great places to visit in Mallorca

Great Places To Visit In Mallorca 2020

Mallorca, or as people in the UK spell it, Majorca, has been a top tourist destination for over 60 years. And whilst other holiday destinations have emerged, had their day in the sun, and then become less popular, Mallorca continues to be a firm favourite with Europeans, and especially the English.

As one of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca is renowned for its exceptional beaches, gentle seas and enchanted hidden coves. Moorish and Roman history adds charm to this beautiful island. While Majorca might be famed as a beach holiday destination, it has something for everyone, history buffs included. On this page, you will find some of our top picks for great places to visit and things to do in Mallorca for 2020.

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca

As the capital of the Balearic Islands, it should come of no surprise to find that as far as cities go on the islands, Palma de Mallorca is the largest. This means there are plenty of things to do in Majorca, close to and around Palma. Some of these include:

  • A visit to Bellver Castle – within the grounds, you will find an archaeological museum, and also a collection of classic Spanish sculpture. One of the most popular things for visitors to the castle to do, is to walk the moat and enjoy the impressive view across the bay.
  • Discover the agricultural museum at Pueblo Español – a charming recreation of a small village in rural Spain.
  • If nightlife is your thing – take a walk along Paseo Maritimo in the evening. This stretches along the port and is lined with bars, cafes, restaurants and nightclubs.


things to do in Magaluf

One of the purpose-built resort towns in the Balearic Islands, Magaluf was, for a while, seen as a sun, sea and sex destination popular with young people. Modern-day Magaluf has done much to shun this reputation and now offers a more refined holiday location, with less focus on the party scene. Some of the best things to do in Majorca in and around Magaluf are:

  • Go on an adventure are Katmandu Park – a modern theme park that incorporates traditional park attractions alongside technology, to provide a unique experience, all in 4D.
  • Relax on the beach at Playa De Magaluf – one of the most popular beaches in the Balearic Islands. If your list of the things to do in Mallorca while on holiday has beaches at the top, then Playa De Magaluf is one of the best tourist beaches you will find on the island.
  • Go surfing – at Wave House. Here, Californian beach life is emulated, with man-made waves for beginners and experienced surfers alike.

Port de Pollensa

amazing views of Port de Pollensa

If you enjoy a more laid-back vibe on your summer holiday, then Port de Pollença could be a good choice for you. Port de Pollensa is a small town located on the Bay of Pollença, it still has a small local fishing fleet and working harbour. The fact that Port de Pollença is a quieter location than many others, does not mean it shouldn’t make the list of top things to do in Majorca. Some of the best local attractions include:

  • Enjoy the tourist beach at Playa del Puerto de Pollensa – compared to some of the other tourist beaches in the Balearic Islands, this one is smaller and far less likely to become packed with tourists even in high season.
  • Stroll along the Pine Walk – a coastal footpath, with the ever-present mountains at the centre of the island providing a stark contrast to the blue seas, fishing boats and sand.
  • Explore a hidden gem at Cala Murta – a small, crystal blue cove surrounded on three sides by steep hills. Always calm, this is a great place for some swimming or snorkelling. Alternatively, rent a boat and stop in at the cove for lunch.


deia village in mallorca

Located at the northern extremities of Mallorca, Deià is a small coastal village, in a rural setting. If your idea of the things to do in Mallorca would include enjoying nature and natural beauty, then Deià has much to offer, with its working olive groves and orange plantations. Some of the top attractions in the area Deià are:

  • Visit the museum at La Casa de Robert Graves – this restored house was the home of the writer, Robert Graves. It has been recreated to show how village life would have been at the time he lived there.
  • Enjoy the views at Iglesia de San Juan Bautista – an old stone church that overlooks the village itself. A peaceful place to take a stroll, and see the tomb of Robert Graves.
  • Try the excellent paella at Mirador Sa Foradada – renowned for its traditional paella, created using locally caught seafood, this restaurant commands views across the bay.

Cap de Formentor

Cap de Formentor

One of the top things to do in Majorca for people who enjoy taking in breath-taking scenery, is a trip to Cap de Formentor. The old lighthouse has been restored, and sits atop dramatic cliffs, providing a viewpoint for visitors.

  • Take a hike up to the lighthouse – take a look inside, but more importantly, enjoy the view from the top of the cliffs overlooking the bay and the sea below.
  • Try scuba diving – this is one of the top scuba diving locations on the island, with hidden underwater caves easily accessible from the bottom of the cliffs.
  • Try your hand at sailing – there are a number of local companies that provide day tours on a large yacht. You can simply enjoy the trip, or try your hand at helping out with the rigging and navigation.

In Conclusion

If this page has done nothing else, it should demonstrate to you how diverse a holiday on the island of Mallorca can be. There are plenty of things to do in Majorca to suit everyone. From hedonistic nightlife to relaxing coastal walks. And of course, as the island is fairly small, you can pick and choose the activities that suit you the best, regardless of where you stay on the island. Even the most remote attractions reachable quite quickly in a hire car, if you would like to explore the whole island.

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